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Important documents need to be stored in a very safe place like file cabinets. These are used in business premises. However, today, these filing cabinets are widely used in many homes. Business deals, client data, tax records, medical reports, company bidding details, business expenses, insurance papers and other dossiers are stored in an organized and safe manner in cabinets, helping you to find those documents easily in times when you need them the most. Now think about a frustrating situation when you find out that your cabinet was locked and you don’t have the key. Don’t panic! The one you need to call for help is a professional locksmith technician who can surely help you in unlocking file cabinet locks.

Types of cabinet locks:

Locks for file cabinets come in two different types; one is key-based, and another is keyless. Both types of locks differ in keying options and styles.

Key-based locks:

The most popular type of key-based lock is the pin tumbler. It comes in a variety of styles and sizes. Tubular tumbler is another kind of key-based lock and comes with exposed and horizontal pins. The cam lock is also a key-based type that can be opened and closed using a key and comes with an added plunger lock that only requires a key for opening and locking. For additional security, people can install padlocks to the internal locking system. 

Keyless locks:

These types of cabinets make use of an access control mechanism and electronic locking system. They come in a wide variety of features, models, designs, and shapes, among others. Recently, manufacturers developed a revolutionary electric activated locking device for file cabinets that is powered with a rotating camera, a lifting pin, actuator and an electronic module.

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